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Apps for Making Future Greener: Mobile Solutions Driving Sustainability

Mobile application services are getting modernized with the increment of technology. The future development of the software needs to be designed in a way that it can work as a contributing factor in the environment. In this context, innovative solutions for mobile applications can be implemented to provide the best solutions. Sustainability is a major global concern that needs to be addressed due to the increase of different issues. This involves three major criteria to deal with these global issues which are environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

As a solution, the whole world is working toward the completion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. This agenda for sustainable development was accepted by UN member states in 2015 having 17 major goals. The competition of these goals is possible with a collaborative globalization practice. In other words, Sustainable Software development can work on the same motive. The development of mobile apps in a way that makes an effective contribution to sustainable development.

While considering the use of mobile applications, this data by Statista shows worldwide criteria for app download. According to these records, a total of 255 billion applications got downloaded in 2022. This is a clear indication, that the development of mobile applications can be reshaped towards sustainability.

As previously, sustainable issues were getting only caused by the hardware assets. Whereas in recent times, the increment of digitalization is becoming a major source of carbon footprint generation. The more the tech solutions become intelligent the more it becomes contributional to the increase of a negative environmental impact. Being a solution at the same time, opting for sustainable software development can lead to change.

Possible Ways to Implement Software in a Sustainable Way

As IBM suggests in its six innovative ways for businesses to become agile and more open. This study states, on a worldwide scale people started to take action for sustainability after facing the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost 9 out of 10 consumers reported in this matter that, this pandemic worked on highlighting the importance of environmental sustainability. In this case, many people are willing to invest in the development of a sustainable future. The development of innovative business models and techniques can world towards dealing with the challenges related to equality, security, climate, and health. While considering the use of mobile applications, These below-mentioned ways can help in building a better sustainable future.

1. Real-Time Monitoring with Accessing Feedback

The development of mobile apps can be performed in a way that contributes to monitoring different factors of sustainable development. The outcome of these apps can result in resolving various issues related to climate or other sustainable criteria. These monitoring applications can work on collecting real-time data which can help in taking a favorable decision. These applications can be implemented with the use of different technology like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and others.

The figure by Costo & Other shows the development and working procedure of an IoT-based food loss and waste monitoring system. Which is designed based on four major stages of environmental sustainability development. The first stage work on sensing the physical changes and provides data in the form of electronic signals. The second stage of the communication layer works by forwarding the data to a different server to get analyzed. The third stage of the storage layer works on arranging the storage space for the collected data. The application and control layer works towards analyzing the data through different applications.

2.Educating People and Access to Information

Acquiring information on something which needs to get implemented in the coming future is an essential factor being a first step. The mobile application development for sustainable growth can be implemented to educate people. Information is the key that can make an impact on people to think about how sustainability development matters the most.

The research study by World Economic Forum, states that the current era of mobile application connectivity is way too strong o a global scale. In 2016 mobile app industry became the first sector to adopt SDGs. The above figure shows the contributing measures of mobile applications in sustainable development. As the development of these apps was initiated to get used for government services, education services, and healthcare services. Mobile is the major key to developing sustainable economic growth.

3. Innovative Ways to Solve Problems

Innovation is the future while taking into consideration of enhanced technical solutions. Finding an innovative solution for sustainability issues is the need for today and tomorrow. World Economic Forum worked on analyzing the most innovative category of solutions which has been accepted by people for the betterment of sustainable growth. After the Covid-19 pandemic, people started to invest in the implementation of solutions that seeks sustainable growth.

In 2020 to speed up the completion of SDGs, UpLink was launched to address the major challenges and solutions related to sustainable goals. The launch of UpLink was founded with the partnership of Deloitte and Salesforce. Which indicated a connection between change-makers in the next generation. This digital platform worked on developing the best innovative solutions which are mentioned below. These are RecyGlo, Cubex Global, Borneo Nature Foundation, Flare, Carbon Health, Reforestum and Ecosphere+, Family Mask’s #PPEforall, Noora Health, citiesRISE, and TheraWee. Along with this, mobile applications can be designed with the use of different techniques as well as different purposes for sustainable development. These applications are :

  • Ecosia: Mobile application that provides search engine services and using these services you can contribute to planting trees.

  • Too Good To Go: This app works on suggesting clothing based on its sustainable ratios and various sustainable aspects.

  • JouleBug: Works on the aim of the more you take action towards sustainability the more you get rewarded with badges.

  • Recycle Coach: The application provides local guidelines which are essential for sustainable growth. Also, it works on making waste management easy on an individual level.

  • Carpooling: The application works on reducing vehicles on the road and enables you with the people that share a ride.


In today’s world technology can be considered an essential aspect of future development. The development of sustainable practices with the involvement of technology provides a surety of risk reduction. As the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic made everyone realize the importance of being sustainable. The development of mobile applications for monitoring, spreading awareness and education, community engagement, innovative solutions, research and better analytics, individual empowerment, and global reach. The development of these mobile applications can lead to attaining SDGs and opens many ways for a greener tomorrow.

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