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How to Convert EDB to PST

Converting the EDB files to PST file format is common these days, so users are willing to shift all their data from EDB to PST. Most users seek a method to begin this conversion process easily. The procedure to convert EDB to PST is difficult for the users, but with a professional tool, it will become easy. Therefore, users are asked to go through the whole blog and get the finest way of converting the data from EDB to PST file format.

Benefits of converting EDB to PST format

Most users who wish to convert EDB to PST file format are looking for various methods to begin the task. Before commencing, the task users are asked to check out this conversion process's benefits. Here, we are displaying some of the benefits to the users.

• The PST file is movable, and users these days look for a platform where they can shift their data from one system to another. However, one can access their data whenever they want and from any device.
• By converting the data from EDB to PST, users will be assured of the security of their data.
• Moreover, with this, users can also set the password for their PST file so that no other person can access their data.

How to convert EDB to PST file format

If users are willing to begin this conversion process, they are asked to go with a reliable way of commencing the task. The manual method and the professional third-party tool are the two ways to commence this task. Users have to be very careful while opting for the correct method.

The manual method can be difficult for the users as it requires technical knowledge, and only the technical expert can do it. Therefore, users are willing to go with the professional third-party tool. It is the only way to finish the task smoothly without misplacing data.

Which tool is best to convert EDB to PST file format?

The Shoviv EDB to PST converter tool is one of the best tools to make the whole procedure easy-going for the users. This is the most reliable tool that one can depend on to begin the task. The software comes with various amazing features, and we are sharing a few of them here.

• The tool will swiftly convert EDB to PST file format without any glitches.
• It easily converts the EDB file to various formats like MSG, EML, vCard and HTML.
• The tool can easily export the EDB files into the Live Exchange and Office 365.
• It will support all the versions of the Windows operating system and MS Exchange server.
• There is a filter option so that users can filter the data per their requirements.
• It allows users to preview their data before the final conversion process.
• No size restriction exists so that users can add various files for the conversion process.
• The tool finishes the whole task without consuming much time.
• It has a user-friendly interface that will make the whole procedure very easy for the users.

Final words

If users are willing to convert EDB to PST file format, they are asked to try the abovementioned tool. The software will guide the users throughout the whole task. Apart from that, a free demo version of the tool is available for the users to explore every feature of the tool in detail.

Source: https://www.shoviv.com/convert-edb-to-pst.html

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