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How to read a research paper?

Found this interesting tips, on reading research paper.

Check the original pdf file here.

It outlines several key strategies:

  • Read Critically: Question the authors' assumptions, their problem-solving approach, the solutions they propose, and how they interpret their data. Be skeptical and look for potential flaws or overlooked limitations in their reasoning.
  • Read Creatively: Focus on identifying the valuable ideas presented in the paper. Consider how these ideas could be extended, applied to other problems, or improved upon. Think about how you could build on the paper's findings if you were to continue the research.
  • Make Notes: Annotate the paper with your thoughts, questions, and criticisms. Highlight important points and questionable data. This not only aids in understanding the paper on a first read but is also invaluable when revisiting the paper later.
  • Summarize the Paper: After the initial reading, attempt to condense the paper into one or two sentences to capture the central question it addresses and the answer it proposes. This helps in focusing on the main contribution of the paper.
  • Outline and Compare: Deepen your understanding by outlining the paper's main points and comparing its contributions to other works in the field. This comparison can help in assessing the novelty and significance of the paper's contributions.
  • Write a Review: Finally, the guideline suggests writing a one-page review that includes a brief summary, a detailed outline of the paper's key points, potential limitations or extensions of the ideas presented, and your personal evaluation of the paper's quality and its contributions to the field.

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And this website, where you can find research papers with code references.

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