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Strategic Partnership between Tencent Cloud & Ava Labs Allows Rapid Node Deployment on Avalanche across APAC

A collaboration between Ava Labs & Tencent has been announced to support businesses & developers on the Avalanche ecosystem with rapid node deployment. This partnership has been built by focusing on optimized resource decentralization, better network security & functionalities to help developers & businesses across APAC on a large scale to achieve their goals smoothly!

The Gaming Head of Ava Labs, Ed Chang, said, "The capabilities that Tencent and Avalanche will deliver are incredibly exciting for the future of games built on blockchain. Tencent is a global powerhouse in both the gaming & infrastructure space, and this collaboration opens the door to building truly incredible Web 3.0 gaming experiences."

Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud is a cloud platform owned by the Chinese multinational company Tencent, famous for its excellent technical implementations in the social media & entertainment industry! As per the investment, Tencent is the world's largest video game company!

In 2013, Tencent launched its cloud computing platform Tencent Cloud to serve a diverse customer base, including startups, enterprises, government authorities & many others! This cloud platform is successfully integrated with AI, IoT & blockchain and offers enhanced customized solutions, including storage & computing, networking, databases, etc., with high-end security & compatibility! This cloud platform serves advanced security features like DDoS protection, security incident response, intrusion detection, etc., which make it one of the most reliable & welcoming cloud computing platforms in the tech world!

Tencent Cloud is partnered with many renowned names like GateHub, Megazone Cloud Corporation, CAPCLOUD, E-BUSINESS, etc., and served different industries, including healthcare, fintech, gaming, E-commerce, banking, Edutech, IT & more!

Ava Labs

Ava Labs is a team of blockchain experts founded in 2018 to provide hassle-free decentralized finance services in a better way. Ava Labs offers prime quality DeFi solutions on one of the high-rising blockchain ecosystems, Avalanche! This platform serves high throughput & customizable subnetworks very fast & budget-friendly manner!

From the initial days of starting, Ava Labs figured out the lags of the existing web 3.0 platforms & was dedicated to resolving the issues with more scalable, secure & custom-friendly solutions! Team Ava Labs is empowered with many well-known experts in this domain, like Emin GΓΌn Sirer (CEO), Kevin Sekniqi (COO), John Wu (President) & more!

To address large-scale financial applications & transactional problems, Ava Labs has brought Avalanche consensus protocol that can perform thousands of transactional & confirmational actions within secs using the Avalanche-X consensus mechanism!

Avalanche, the public blockchain platform

Avalanche is one of the leading Smart Contract platforms in the blockchain industry, backed with trending web 3.0 practices & aiming to provide secure decentralized infrastructure for DeFi applications & digital assets. This public platform was developed by a research team led by Emin GΓΌn Sirer & launched on September 2020.

It's built on the Avalanche consensus protocol & traded on the X-chain. The native token of Avalance is AVAX. This is a powerful & secure decentralized platform that provides high throughput, low latency & customizable subnets.

Avalanche offers a rich toolkit for developers to make it easy for them to build apps & provide decentralized digital asset solutions in the Avalanche public blockchain network. Its advanced mechanism, versatility & high scalability make it one of the most praised open-source blockchain platforms! Avalanche can significantly reduce transactional hazards & makes it very easy & time-saving to perform complex operations at the most nominal time (nearly 4,500 transactions/sec)! Avalanche allows customizable subnetworks to have their own consensus rules & token economics apart from the main network's governance structures, which helps a lot in creating secure independent financial applications! Experts say that if it's managed well with continuous innovation & adoption, Avalanche has immense possibilities to transform the DeFi world very effectively!

Ava Labs's Avalanche has come to build a strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud that allows Avalanche nodes to get live on the cloud! Under the partnership, Tencent Cloud helps developers rapidly deploy nodes across the Asia Pacific. Also, the Avalanche subnetworks are in the game to provide more optimized customer solutions! Now, these two business giants are together to explore something big & this is great news for the blockchain industry!

The Asia Growth lead of Avalanche, Wilson Wu, said, "Avalanche is the premier platform for individuals and institutions to build Web 3.0 applications & infrastructure". "With Tencent's support behind the Avalanche ecosystem and its builders, we will push the boundaries of what is possible," Wilson Wu continued.

Wrapping up

This is a notable step & real moment of rejoicing for the web 3.0 experts as this partnership can provide needed resources to the developers to build more effective applications and blockchain solutions on the Avalanche platform! We are eagerly looking forward to this in the coming days & hope this will add significant value to web 3.0 in the near future!

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