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Blog: Kubernetes 1.29: CSI Storage Resizing Authenticated and Generally Available in v1.29

Authors: Humble Chirammal (Vmware), Louis Koo (deeproute.ai)

Kubernetes version v1.29 brings generally available support for authentication during CSI (Container Storage Interface) storage resize operations.

Let's embark on the evolution of this feature, initially introduced in alpha in Kubernetes v1.25, and unravel the changes accompanying its transition to GA.

Authenticated CSI storage resizing unveiled

Kubernetes harnesses the capabilities of CSI to seamlessly integrate with third-party storage systems, empowering your cluster to seamlessly expand storage volumes managed by the CSI driver. The recent elevation of authentication secret support for resizes from Beta to GA ushers in new horizons, enabling volume expansion in scenarios where the underlying storage operation demands credentials for backend cluster operations – such as accessing a SAN/NAS fabric. This enhancement addresses a critical limitation for CSI drivers, allowing volume expansion at the node level, especially in cases necessitating authentication for resize operations.

The challenges extend beyond node-level expansion. Within the Special Interest Group (SIG) Storage, use cases have surfaced, including scenarios where the CSI driver needs to validate the actual size of backend block storage before initiating a node-level filesystem expand operation. This validation prevents false positive returns from the backend storage cluster during file system expansion. Additionally, for PersistentVolumes representing encrypted block storage (e.g., using LUKS), a passphrase is mandated to expand the device and grow the filesystem, underscoring the necessity for authenticated resizing.

What's new for Kubernetes v1.29

With the graduation to GA, the feature remains enabled by default. Support for node-level volume expansion secrets has been seamlessly integrated into the CSI external-provisioner sidecar controller. To take advantage, ensure your external CSI storage provisioner sidecar controller is operating at v3.3.0 or above.

Navigating Authenticated CSI Storage Resizing

Assuming all requisite components, including the CSI driver, are deployed and operational on your cluster, and you have a CSI driver supporting resizing, you can initiate aNodeExpand operation on a CSI volume. Credentials for the CSI NodeExpand operation can be conveniently provided as a Kubernetes Secret, specifying the Secret via the StorageClass. Here's an illustrative manifest for a Secret holding credentials:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
 name: test-secret
 namespace: default
 username: admin
 password: t0p-Secret

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And here's an example manifest for a StorageClass referencing those credentials:

apiVersion: storage.k8s.io/v1
kind: StorageClass
 name: csi-blockstorage-sc
 csi.storage.k8s.io/node-expand-secret-name: test-secret
 csi.storage.k8s.io/node-expand-secret-namespace: default
provisioner: blockstorage.cloudprovider.example
reclaimPolicy: Delete
volumeBindingMode: Immediate
allowVolumeExpansion: true

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Upon successful creation of the PersistentVolumeClaim (PVC), you can verify the configuration within the .spec.csi field of the PersistentVolume. To confirm, execute kubectl get persistentvolume <pv_name> -o yaml.

Engage with the Evolution!

For those enthusiastic about contributing or delving deeper into the technical intricacies, the enhancement proposal comprises exhaustive details about the feature's history and implementation. Explore the realms of StorageClass-based dynamic provisioning in Kubernetes by referring to the storage class documentation and the overarching PersistentVolumes documentation.

Join the Kubernetes Storage SIG (Special Interest Group) to actively participate in elevating this feature. Your insights are invaluable, and we eagerly anticipate welcoming more contributors to shape the future of Kubernetes storage!

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