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Blog: Updates to the Auto-refreshing Official CVE Feed

Authors : Cailyn Edwards (Shopify), Mahé Tardy (Isovalent), Pushkar Joglekar

Since launching the Auto-refreshing Official CVE feed as an alpha feature in the 1.25 release, we have made significant improvements and updates. We are excited to announce the release of the beta version of the feed. This blog post will outline the feedback received, the changes made, and talk about how you can help as we prepare to make this a stable feature in a future Kubernetes Release.

Feedback from end-users

SIG Security received some feedback from end-users:

Summary of changes

In response, the SIG did a rework of the script generating the JSON feedto comply with the JSON Feed specification from generation and add alast_updated root field to indicate overall freshness. This redesign needed acorresponding fix on the Kubernetes website sidefor the CVE feed page to continue to work with the new format.

After that, RSS feed supportcould be added transparently so that end-users can consume the feed in their preferred format.

Overall, the redesign based on the JSON Feed specification, which this time broke backward compatibility, will allow updates in the future to address the rest of the issue while being more transparent and less disruptive to end-users.


Title Issue Status
CVE Feed: JSON feed should pass jsonfeed spec validator kubernetes/webite#36808 closed, addressed by kubernetes/sig-security#76
CVE Feed: Add lastUpdatedAt as a metadata field kubernetes/sig-security#72 closed, addressed by kubernetes/sig-security#76
Support RSS feeds by generating data in Atom format kubernetes/sig-security#77 closed, addressed by kubernetes/website#39513
CVE Feed: Sort Markdown Table from most recent to least recently announced CVE kubernetes/sig-security#73 closed, addressed by kubernetes/sig-security#76
CVE Feed: Include a timestamp field for each CVE indicating when it was last updated kubernetes/sig-security#63 closed, addressed by kubernetes/sig-security#76
CVE Feed: Add Prow job link as a metadata field kubernetes/sig-security#71 closed, addressed by kubernetes/sig-security#83

What's next?

In preparation to graduate the feed to stable i.e. General Availability stage, SIG Security is still gathering feedback from end users who are using the updated beta feed.

To help us continue to improve the feed in future Kubernetes Releases please share feedback by adding a comment to this tracking issue or let us know on #sig-security-toolingKubernetes Slack channel, join Kubernetes Slack here.

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