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Key Trends in eCommerce App Development to Embrace in 2024

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As we lead toward the development of innovative technology, every sector of the global economy is adapting to growth. Within this, the concept of ecommerce has now become a section of the economy that contributes to a good portion. The development of such eCommerce applications is continuously increasing and expanding in the market. It is trendy but what it means, buying or selling goods via an electronic medium. There are many renowned players in the market that are continuously growing to be an ecommerce source. The research data by Grand View Research highlights the same aspects.

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Source: Grand View Research

As shown in the above figure, the global e-commerce market was valued at USD 9.09 trillion in 2019. That is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14.7% in the time frame of 2020 to 2027. This explains how the market of ecommerce mobile app development is continuously growing and expanding its horizon. This growth is affected by some factors in which its key trends are considered as one of them. It is obvious the more ease with the quality you provide the more you can gain market value.

This article is all about highlighting the major trends of these ecommerce application development practices. As this market is continuously increasing and making many advancements.

The Key Trends of Ecommerce App Development

Augmented Reality

The users demand what is new on the market, that provides something different from what they already have in their hands. The development of ecommerce mobile applications is continuously growing, and the integration of augmented reality can add more value to such things. In this, the ecommerce app development company can involve features like 3D-visibility of online shopping apps, AR/ VR technology that allows customers to get a better view of the product, and making the customer try wearable products on an online mode. These features automatically result in more customer reach and revenue generation.

Videos Integration

This is completely a new trend that makes the advancement level of ecommerce websites. The integration of a shapable video feature can completely boost the sales of products. This feature can help the customers to look after the products' visibility and appearance before making the final purchase. This can majorly help the client to make a quick decision and buy the product. This shows that these ecommerce app development services completely follow a client-centric approach.

Mobile wallet Addition

The times are changing, yes now you do not need to grab your wallet and walk toward a store to buy something. Currently, these are possible with the development of ecommerce mobile apps where you can buy or sell with just a click. With these applications, users can take advantage of making instant product payments with the help of inbuilt wallets.

Cloud Integration

We consider that the memory of our digital devices never gets full and we keep on using them without taking care of these storage full warnings. The integration of cloud storage features within the ecommerce app development process can result in solutions to many of these full storage warnings. The ecommerce app developers do not place specific efforts to make a cloud-based app, as this is now becoming and commercial standard. Which provides benefits like less hosting, easy hosting, and less development cost.

Adding Chatbots

Everyone wants whatever service is offered by organizations to become more useful and interactive towards their end consumers. The integration of artificial intelligence is everywhere and currently, everyone is adopting the involvement of chatbots, for the betterment of their applications. This addition can completely work on controlling the hectic nature of the online shopping market and the effective handling of customer queries. This feature of adding chatbots solves all these queries completely.

Automated Marketing & Sales

Innovations are completely surprising when it comes to the development of ecommerce apps. The effective process of ecommerce mobile app development is considered as a feature reach concept. These applications also integrate automated marketing and sales. Which results in high consumer reach and overall growth for apps developed ecommerce process.

Voice Search

Finally, voice commands have been there in the application development process. But in the current times, the addition of these features is becoming mandatory for providing more customer-centric services. With this, customers can search or command these ecommerce apps with their voice and get responses accordingly.

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In conclusion, 2024 is set to witness significant shifts in eCommerce app development. Embracing AI-driven personalization, AR/VR integration for immersive shopping experiences, and implementing robust working measures will be critical. Furthermore, the rise of voice commerce, the need for seamless omnichannel experiences, and the focus on sustainability will reshape the eCommerce landscape. Staying agile, adopting emerging technologies, and prioritizing customer-centricity will be key for businesses aiming to thrive in this dynamic environment.

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