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How to Build Your Own Crypto exchange like Remitano?


The Remitano clone script offered by Hivelance is a comprehensive solution for those seeking to launch their own peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. This ready-made script replicates all the features and components of the Remitano exchange, allowing users to seamlessly trade and exchange various cryptocurrencies. With the ability to establish a personalized cryptocurrency trading platform, this clone script opens up new avenues for entrepreneurs in the digital currency space.

Revenue Generating Factors of Our Remitano Clone Script:

Commission Fees Generation:

Users engaged in trading activities contribute a percentage of their funds as a commission to the exchange owner. This widely adopted model serves as a primary revenue stream for the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Publication Fees Inclusion:

The introduction of new cryptocurrencies on the exchange platform, akin to Remitano, results in revenue generation through publication fees. Token owners are charged for publishing their cryptocurrencies within the exchange.

Promotional Functionalities:

Leveraging promotional activities such as ads, banners, and sponsored content creation serves as additional revenue streams. Exchange owners can charge specific fees for advertising newly launched crypto projects within the platform.

Key Features of the Remitano Clone Script:

Escrow Trade:

Facilitates secure trading by holding the specified number of cryptocurrencies in escrow during the trade process, ensuring a smooth transaction between buyers and sellers.

High Security Measures:

Incorporates robust security layers, including Escrow, CSRF protection, DDOS attack prevention, and 2FA authentication, to safeguard users and their assets.

Modernized Tools:

Empowers users to track cryptocurrency price movements, enabling timely trades for optimal returns.

User Dashboard:

Provides users with a comprehensive dashboard featuring payment options, live prices, transactions, account activities, trade history, and wallet balances.

KYC Verification:

Ensures a secure environment by implementing KYC verification, requiring users to submit personal details such as full name, date of birth, country of origin, and residence.

Multilingual System:

Enhances accessibility by offering multi-language support, catering to users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Admin Commission Settings:

Allows administrators to customize commission percentages based on their preferences through an intuitive admin panel.

Device Management:

Empowers users with control over device access, enabling them to monitor device information and access records.

Why Choose Hivelance for Remitano Clone Development?

Hivelance stands out as a reputable organization offering top-notch Remitano clone development services in the cryptocurrency space. With a portfolio showcasing successful exchanges, our dedicated team of skilled developers and QA analysts works tirelessly to deliver optimal outcomes. Deploy our secure Remitano clone script on your domain and launch your exchange within a minimum of two weeks. Contact us to explore our client portfolio and unlock the full potential of your cryptocurrency

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