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A Guide to Somnium Space- Experience the Immersive VR World Of Metaverse!

Imagine stepping into a virtual world where creativity knows no bounds, and you can explore, create, and interact with a vibrant digital landscape. Earlier it was just a dream but now it is possible with Somnium Space.

Yes, with the VR parcel of the modern technological age, a whole new world of metaverse has penetrated our lives supercharging the amazing tech usage. Welcome to Somnium Space, a revolutionary metaverse that combines cutting-edge technology and creativity to provide an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience like no other.

Do you exactly know what Somnim Space is? No right! To make things clearer in this guide, we will delve into what Somnium Space is all about and how it's redefining the way we perceive and engage with the virtual world.
So, let's deep dive into this "ready player one" metaverse.

What is Somnium Space?

Somnium Space is a decentralized, open-world virtual reality platform that allows users to build, explore, and socialize in a vast digital universe. In a simple world, it is a virtual reality (VR) environment created using the Ethereum blockchain. This open-source platform enables users to purchase virtual real estate, houses, buildings, and a variety of valuables in-game commodities. Thanks to its immersive dynamics, in the gaming world, players can create, script, and make money from landscapes, all while discovering the works of other users.

Somnium Space and VR Metaverse

Somnium Space is a metaverse where users' imaginations are limitless, and opportunities are endless, offering a seamless blend of immersive VR experiences and blockchain technology. Unlike the real world, users can visit a museum, or eat at a restaurant established by another person in the Somnium Space metaverse.

Somnium Space hosts all players in one enormous world, compared to standard multiplayer VR games that divide users into sub-servers and mirrored-instanced rooms. Users can build Somnium Space habitats, which are completely programmable, customized, and independent VR experiences within that vast metaverse universe. Additionally, assets from Somnium Space and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are compatible with VR metaverses and platforms within the larger blockchain ecosystem. The Somnium environment is powered by NFTs that further enable the creation and exchange of valuable assets in the NFT marketplaces within the VR and blockchain marketplace.

The vision behind Somnium Space

The main objective of Somnium Space-

  • Develop a blockchain-secured open, social, and persistent virtual reality environment.
  • Allow users to purchase land and develop it with recreation areas, hubs, performance halls, and more.
  • Help users to own all-new avatars and objects including NFTs.
  • Allow everyone to have the option of making money out of their experiences.
  • Represent the next-level advancement of entertainment, e-commerce, and communication.

Top 4 Elements of Somnium Space

Currently, four components make up the massive functionality of Somnium spaces-

  • Software Development Kits (SDK)- Avatars, properties, and digital lands can all be created and customized with the aid of software development kits (SDK).
  • Virtual Reality Experience (VR)- VR is a full-featured builder module that aids in developing the game's digital buildings and settings seamlessly.
  • NFT marketplace- It aids in the exchange and monetization of user-created digital assets.
  • NFT-based assets- It aids in utilizing NFT assets from the full blockchain ecosystem in the Somnium environment.

How To Join the Somnium Space?

Follow these easy steps to get started if you're ready to enter the Somnium Metaverse and explore a realm beyond reality.

Web Browser
Since there is no software to download or install, a Web Browser is the simplest method of accessing Somnium Space.
Go to the Somnium Space website and enter the address of the land parcel you want to see in place of the number there.
For instance, you would write- https://somniumspace.com/parcel/2782 to view parcel 2782. Any web browser that supports WebGL, including Chrome, Firefox, or Safari can help you in the entry process.

PC Client
The greatest approach to entering Somnium Space to view the entire globe and communicate with other people is through a PC Client.
Download, install, and make an account on Steam. Create an account after downloading Somnium Space from the developer's website or Steam.
Rock the virtual world- you're all set to go!

VR Headset
Another immersive way to enter Somnium Space is through a VR Headset. Get a VR headset that works in Oculus Quest or PC VR mode. It requires an identical procedure to a PC client. However, the game must be launched in VR mode rather than 2D mode.
Install the software independently from the official Oculus Store to use it in Oculus Quest mode. To do this, you can employ a program like SideQuest or App Lab.
Once installed, you are ready to rock the VR metaverse!

In the Somnium Space, you can create avatars and scripts, buy land parcels, develop things, use the space to monetize your experiences and interact with other users. If you want to purchase land parcels or other digital assets using CUBEs or other tokenomics, you need a digital wallet like MetaMask.

What are Somnium Space Tokenomics?

Somnium space tokenomics is a novel concept for keeping their network open and decentralized. Players have two options when playing a typical game: they may either buy it or use the freemium model. The developer receives every dollar made by the players, and they are making money. However, one player cannot transfer their in-game items and upgrades to another player under this system.

In Somnium space, the situation is entirely different. Tokenization is used in blockchain-based games and metaverses like Somnium Space to give players access to valuable resources. In-game items like land plots, avatars, wearables, merchandise, and collectables can be tokenized and used in a wider context across the crypto sphere. By doing so, Somnium space disengages from the conventional system while retaining the ability to grant players access to priceless resources.

Somnium Space has a robust tokenomics system that powers its economy and incentivizes user engagement. Tokens play a vital role in transactions, ownership, and governance within the platform.

Types of Somnium Space Tokens

Somnim Space Cube Token (CUBE)
The native utility token for the Somnium Space platform is the Somnium Cube (CUBE). It is also called an ERC-20 token. The player-to-player transactions become seamless with CUBE tokenization. It also simplifies the game tokens purchased at an arcade. Players can store ETH, CUBE, and NFTs (ERC-721 tokens) in an Ethereum wallet to facilitate in-game, ecommerce transactions. Further, CUBE acts as a link between various resources. The CUBE token will gain in-world utility as the Somnium metaverse develops and enable users to exist more fully within the VR metaverse.

Somnium Space Land Parcels (PARCEL)
When distributing Land Parcels (PARCELs) to platform stakeholders, Somnium Space launched two Initial Land Offerings (ILOs), both on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Players must first acquire one of these land plots if they want to create their Somnium universe. Any NFT can be placed on a player's land parcel, and they can then explore it in virtual reality.

Somnium Space Avatar (AVATAR)
The Somnium Space team added avatar (AVATAR) tokenization in November 2020 as a further step toward increasing the utility of the CUBE token. The CUBE is popular among users as it allows individuals to create their own personalized VR avatars. Also, these Avatars can be linked to the blockchain for a further seamless experience. However, players have to purchase an avatar from CUBE to join, and it then becomes a part of their inventory. These main digital platforms also support these avatars.

Note: Among all these Somnium Space Tokens, the CUBE token is the best player. It ranks as it allows players to buy other avatar styles as an NFT. Also, for any kind of transaction, the users can exchange the buyer's wallet NFT with the seller's wallet. Also, Somnium Space CUBE tokens are witnessing a growth in utility with their ability to build avatars in the same metaverse.

What are Karma Levels in Somnium Space?

The Somnium Space Karma level depicts how people in virtual reality view and reciprocate with one another.
Somnium uses the following important metrics to determine a player's Karma level:
Ratings: Measured based on the interactions with other users on the site, and how virtual citizens view each other and communicate.
Engagement: Measured by a player's economic output, game time, ownership of land, and rate of world discovery.
Other Areas: Measured based on user-building activity, public involvement, and event planning.
Based on their ensuing Karma level, both players and community contributors like tour guides and instructors receive CUBE prizes.

The virtually effective VR Metaverse awaits!

As technology advances, Metaverse is flourishing. It offers truly immersive and fantastic gaming experiences to users. In the modern world, thus, VR has become a common household activity because of platforms like Rumii, VRChat, AltSpace, and Engage.
The potential of Somnium space and virtual reality experiences, in general, has increased dramatically thanks to the assistance of the Ethereum blockchain. Users may now design and monetize a haptic environment to earn prizes and NFTs with advanced blockchain integration.
Not only that, the decentralized economy has arrived; it is both virtual and real. The VR platforms and blockchain technologies are only giving users a little taste of what they have in store. So, it is time to usher in a future that offers countless prospects.


Are you ready to enjoy the limitless opportunity of VR Metaverse? Join the Somnium space now! Somnium Space is not just a virtual reality platform; it's a visionary concept that marries technology, creativity, and community. By embracing Somnium Space, you're stepping into a realm where your imagination can flourish, where the virtual world becomes an extension of your reality. As we move forward into the future, the metaverse beckons, and Somnium Space stands at the forefront, ready to offer an unforgettable VR experience. Embrace the future, and let your virtual adventures begin.

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