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What is AI marketing? Everything you need to know

AI is the hottest gossip in town and because of this AI revolution, the whole hype about Web3 and metaverse had to take a back seat.

Every writer's worst nightmare came true- they woke up to find out that machines can write like humans.

A lot has changed ever since AI was integrated into digital marketing. No, it is nowhere near to replacing me, but in the future, there is a high chance that AI might be able to write more comprehensive content.

Let's take a look at what AI marketing is and how it is positioned to change the marketing landscape.

What is AI marketing?

In simple words, this term refers to the integration of AI in marketing tools and processes to make marketing more simple and easy. These AI-based marketing tools help marketers optimize their marketing audience, create personalized copies, and reach out to them as quickly as possible.

These tools can also help marketers analyze the vast amount of data and help in understanding customer behaviors, trends, etc. AI tools not only improve the overall efficiency in marketing endeavors but also boost a brand's ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment).

Benefits of AI marketing?

It's high time we all learn to include AIs in our day-to-day marketing endeavors otherwise our competitors will leave us behind. Here are some key benefits of adding AI to your marketing efforts-

Marketing automation is not new in the market but with the advent of AI, automation tools are becoming more smart and intelligent.

Here's what AI automation can do:

  • Analyze data and give insight on how to optimize their business processes further.
  • Help in creating personalized ad campaigns for a specific target audience.
  • Automate social media posting to free up more time for strategic work.

Saving money
Efficiency and cost savings are the two most important things that AI brings to the table. Yes, if you look at it from a certain perspective, AI can cost millions of jobs. But it reduces the need for resources and labor, helps a brand save huge amounts of money and increases productivity.

Reducing error
In today's fast-paced work environment, there's almost no room for errors. But we are humans after all, and humans make mistakes, which sometimes can be fatal. AI can be a remedy for human error, it can help companies in some crucial areas where human error can cost a lot, like data security.

Increasing revenue
Customer journey, customer support and customer analysis are some of the areas where AI contributes and they all shoot up the sale and increase the ROI. When marketers use AI to streamline processes and understand what doesn't work, they can automatically focus on things that actually work and that'll always increase the company revenue.

Use cases of AI marketing

So the biggest question is what are the ways companies can use AI marketing to their benefit? Here are some of the use cases of AI marketing:

Content generation
AI-based content generation tools like ChatGPT and Bard can help marketers create content for blogs, social media and more. These AI tools are basically conversational bots- you can literally ask them to write anything.

Marketing automation
From automating email marketing, social media posting and tracking web traffic in real-time, AI automates repetitive tasks and frees up time for marketers so they can focus more on the strategic parts.

Ad targeting
AI now actively helps marketers identify which is the right target audience for their products. It also helps marketers personalize their campaigns as per the targeted audience's interest and behavior.

Chatbots are not new, they have been helping customer support teams of various brands with automated conversations. But with the advent of AI, they have been taken to the next level. ChatGPT-powered chatbots are taking the market by storm, they are offering customers a human-like chatting experience.

Predictive analysis & sales forecasting
As we've discussed before, some AI-powered tools help in analyzing customer data and offer insights into how the customers are interacting with the brand. This type of predictive analysis improves a buyer's journey and improves the overall customer experience.

Final thoughts

Needless to say, AI marketing is rapidly taking over with new tools emerging every day. Businesses are using this latest technology in their favor to optimize their business operations and marketing endeavors to get better results.

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