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ChatGPT Vs Bard AI: How do the two differ?

The world hasn’t been the same since November 30th, 2022. Can’t recall? Well, it was the day Open AI launched its conversational AI chatbot, ChatGPT.

The invention took the tech world by storm, as the AI-powered chatbot was the first of its kind. Whether it was keeping lengthy conversations or providing answers on any topic within seconds, ChatGPT could do it all.

Unquestioningly, the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken place at an unheard rate in the recent past, and the most useful fruit of this development has been the introduction of these powerful conversational AI models. But, the solo reign of Chat GPT did not last long.

Google soon realized the potential, the conversational AI sector held and launched its AI-powered language model, Bard AI in March 2023. While on the face of it, the two might seem to serve a similar purpose, but as we all know, what meets the eye, isn’t always the truth.

In this blog, we will

  • Develop an understanding of the two chatbots
  • Dig deep into the factors that differentiate ChatGPT and Bard AI
  • Discuss the advantages of each model

So, let’s first understand the two AI powerhouses and what is it they do.

What is ChatGPT and Bard AI? What do they do?

ChatGPT was the first AI-powered language model of its kind and it uses Machine Learning to answer the questions asked. An eye-popping fact about this tech is, it reached a user base of a million merely within 5 days of its launch.

The chat model currently uses the GPT 3.5 language model for the free version, while the paid version, ChatGPT Plus runs on GPT 4 language model.

Bard AI, on the other hand, also works on machine learning and natural language processing model but unlike ChatGPT, it runs on Google’s latest PaLM 2 language model. It is believed that the language model PaLM 2 is relatively better at logic, mathematics, and reasoning.

Now that you are familiar with both AI chat models, let us explore the factors that differentiate the two.

Key Differences between ChatGPT and Bard AI

Source of information– While the two often produce pretty similar results in most cases, the AI-based language models have differing sources of information. Chat GPT produces results on the basis of data that has been fed to it. On the other hand, the entire internet is the source of information for Bard AI.
This is undeniably one of the biggest advantages of Bard AI.

The technology used– Chat GPT, as its name suggests, is based on GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) technology developed by the minds at Open AI.
While Bard AI from Google runs on Google’s LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications).

Nature of response– This is arguably one of the most significant differences between the two AI-powered chatbots. While ChatGPT can return text responses only, Bard AI can generate results in the form of regular search results as well.

Suitability– Although such chat models are expected to provide information on anything and everything, there are certain query types where one edges ahead of the other.
ChatGPT excels in producing text responses for a wide range of topics. Bard AI, on the other hand, works relatively better in responding to queries in certain specific areas only.

Built-in plagiarism detector– You didn’t know this, did you?
One of the biggest points of difference between ChatGPT and Bard AI is, the former has an in-built plagiarism checker and thus produces unique content only. Bard AI, on the other hand, doesn’t have any such feature.

Key Strength– Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has performed best in generating and summarizing textual responses, while Bard AI has been seen to excel in producing accurate and much more specific to-the-point responses.

Response Style– If you are already an avid user of these two AI language models, you realize this difference yourself.
ChatGPT is rather more engaging in its responses and conversational when compared to its counterpart, Bard AI. The language model by Open AI has the ability to keep the conversation flowing with the user.
Bard AI, on the other hand, generates responses that are much more informative and thus deliver relatively comprehensive answers. You may occasionally feel the AI language model by Google to be less conversational, but there is no denying the fact that it’s information is more accurate than Chat GPT’s.

Pricing– For a technology so powerful, the price may sometimes seem irrelevant, but it is still a factor of difference between the two AI-powered language models.
While you can use Chat GPT for free, its enhanced version of Chat GPT Plus is a paid model which you can use for around $20 a month.
On the other hand, Bard AI is completely free of cost and aligns with the pricing strategy of a host of other Google products and services.

You now have a profound idea of the factors that are responsible for differentiating one AI language model from the other. Now take a look at the advantages of both these models, that make them so compelling to use.

Advantages of ChatGPT and Bard AI: -

Chat GPT was introduced a few months earlier than Bard AI, so let us begin with

Advantages of Chat GPT-

Natural Language Understanding– Chat GPT has the ability to interpret human language with ease and at the same time produce results in a tone, which feels human-like.

Multilingual Support– Chat GPT can be used by a global audience owing to its ability to be able to communicate in numerous languages. It is also much more efficient in translating languages accurately.

Versatility– This is arguably one of the biggest positives of Chat GPT. It can not only answer your everyday queries, but also offer you recommendations, provide explanations, and much more.

Scalability– Owing to how Chat GPT has been designed and constructed, it can work at a large scale without any degradation in its performance. The AI-powered language model can perform efficiently during periods of high demand, and provide a smooth user experience.

Advantages of Google’s Bard AI -

More comprehensive database– Bard AI has been trained on potentially the largest available database, the internet, and is thus capable of producing more profound results.

Ability to write code in programming languages– Since its launch, Google has made several claims stating that Bard AI can generate both simple and complex tasks without a hiccup in multiple programming languages.

High accuracy– Bard AI compensates for its relatively lesser human-like conversational approach with much more accurate results.

Versatility– Similar to Chat GPT, Bard AI can perform a wide variety of tasks, ranging from writing job descriptions to generating reports for a set of data.

Final Word

With the world of AI progressing at a rapid pace, Chat GPT and Bard AI are samples of the true potential of AI that will be revealed in the years to come. While both AI-powered language models have their set of differences, they can be put to best use only when used together on the basis of their strengths.
So, if you are looking to ride this wave of AI in the months ahead, familiarize yourself with these advancements, and behold what is to come!

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