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Exploring the World of Blockchain Gaming Coins

Blockchain gaming remains a steadfast favorite within the community, sustaining its widespread appeal. One of the most dynamic sectors in the Web3 ecosystem presently is play-to-earn gaming. In contrast to other segments of the blockchain space that have faced challenges, the user base for play-to-earn games has consistently expanded. It's worth noting that gaming token prices have also mirrored the broader cryptocurrency market decline. However, this dip in prices presents an opportune moment to acquire top gaming tokens at relatively low entry costs.

Popular Gaming Coins To Know About

In the midst of the ups and downs in the web3 landscape, the gaming community continues to thrive. Here is a selection of five prominent gaming tokens, each boasting the highest current market capitalization. In the subsequent discussion, we will assess their potential as long-term investment options.

1. The Sandbox

With the current highest market capitalization among all gaming tokens, The Sandbox's SAND token consistently commands attention. Presently, it trades at nearly 90% below its historic peak of $8.40, a level that was artificially inflated due to the buzz surrounding Facebook's rebranding to Meta.

While the recent price trajectory of SAND may raise concerns for existing holders, it simultaneously presents an enticing opportunity for potential investors. A closer look at The Sandbox's recent developments reveals a solid foundation poised to capitalize on the impending surge in blockchain gaming popularity.

The platform boasts an impressive array of new commercial and content partnerships, and the ongoing Sandbox Alpha Season 3 showcases compelling gameplay experiences. Adding to the optimism about its long-term viability is Animoca Brands, the company behind the game. As a Hong Kong-based venture capital firm, Animoca Brands possesses the resources and expertise needed to position The Sandbox as a prominent player in the future of Web3 gaming.

2. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, once reigning supreme in the play-to-earn sector, encountered a series of setbacks over the course of this year. Notably, a high-profile security breach undermined users' confidence, while issues within the in-game economy contributed to a decline in the values of NFTs and the native coin. However, it is worth noting that Axie Infinity's situation has since seen improvement.
As for its native currency, AXS, it has seen a significant drop, currently trading at approximately 92.5% below its historical peak of $164.90. While these gaming tokens may not be considered a bargain, they are notably more affordable than they once were.

Prospective investors might also want to consider waiting until October 25th, when Axie Infinity is scheduled to release 21,870,000 AXS, equivalent to 8.1% of the total supply. This influx of tokens into the market could potentially exert short-term downward pressure on the price.

3. Enjin Coin (ENJ):

Enjin Coin (ENJ) was introduced by Enjin in 2017 as a unique addition to the world of blockchain-based gaming tokens. Distinguished from its counterparts in this list, ENJ does not have exclusive ties to any particular game; rather, it serves as a versatile digital currency underpinned by a comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower game developers in the creation and distribution of in-game assets, particularly non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The underlying concept is straightforward:

  1. Game developers acquire ENJ tokens as a foundational resource.
  2. Leveraging the Enjin software development kit, they employ ENJ to mint various in-game items.
  3. End-users have the opportunity to either acquire these items through gameplay or purchase them, subsequently storing them securely within their Enjin Web3 wallets.
  4. Gamers are afforded the flexibility to engage in item trading through the Enjin marketplace or opt to "melt" their possessions, converting them back into ENJ tokens.

ENJ's value proposition to developers lies in its provision of a readily accessible platform, enabling cost-effective game development. This offering is scalable and poised for growth in tandem with the expansion of the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

In traditional investment parlance, acquiring specific game tokens can be likened to purchasing individual stocks, akin to investing in companies like Apple or Microsoft. Conversely, investing in ENJ resembles an investment in an index fund, affording exposure to the collective performance of the burgeoning blockchain gaming industry. For those seeking a well-rounded investment opportunity within this sector, ENJ presents an attractive option.

StepN's GMT token was introduced to the market in March 2022 and is built on the Solana blockchain.

4. StepN:

StepN itself operates as a "move-to-earn" platform, offering incentives to users for engaging in physical exercise in the real world. Combining elements such as in-game items, GPS tracking, and a thriving native marketplace, StepN has garnered a substantial following within the Web3 landscape, attracting millions of enthusiasts.

In line with the broader cryptocurrency market trends, GMT has experienced a decline from its peak value, which it attained in April 2022. Factors contributing to this downturn include challenges within the in-game economy and the influence of broader macroeconomic conditions, which have placed downward pressure on the token's price at present.

It is noteworthy that since GMT's initial launch, StepN has been progressively releasing millions of tokens on a monthly basis, potentially contributing to the observed price depreciation. The platform has outlined plans to release an additional 42,000,000 tokens (equivalent to 0.7% of the total supply) in October, with identical releases scheduled for November and December.

This measured approach to token distribution is part of StepN's strategy for sustaining and growing its ecosystem, albeit with awareness of its potential impact on token valuation.

5. Gala Games

Gala Games, a distinguished development studio with a notable track record in creating some of the most acclaimed Web3 games, is firmly positioned for the future with projects like GRIT and Mirandus nearing completion.

The native cryptocurrency associated with the Gala Games ecosystem is GALA, an Ethereum-based token that holds utility across the Gala platform. One of its primary strengths lies in its interoperability, rendering GALA a compelling investment option. Given the diverse range of exceptional gaming titles within the Gala Games portfolio, players have the opportunity to earn GALA tokens within one game and subsequently employ them for the acquisition of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within another.

Another notable facet of Gala Games is its approach to decentralization. By owning and operating a Founder's Node, users attain a substantial degree of influence concerning network security and decision-making processes across the platform. Importantly, participants in this capacity also receive GALA tokens as rewards for their operational contributions. To embark on the journey of acquiring a Founder Node, individuals can create an account and follow the provided instructions.

Gala Games' commitment to decentralization and the versatility of the GALA token within its gaming ecosystem presents an intriguing prospect for investors and gaming enthusiasts alike.

Final Thought - A Thorough Research is Required

Thorough research is essential. Explore game rankings to identify popular titles and assess NFT collections' true worth. Above all, ensure you're confident in your investment decisions by engaging in gameplay, seeking community insights, and staying informed through news sources.

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