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Import OST to Office 365

Organizations mostly rely on emails to communicate with their colleagues and clients. That is why emails play an important role in any organization in terms of storing their data. Some users ask for a way to import OST to Office 365 mailboxes. The OST files store a lot of data, which users want to transfer to Office 365 for their business needs and demands.

Nowadays, Office 365 is one of the popular cloud-based services. It gives various benefits to its users, which is the primary reason users want to import their OST files to Office 365. Here, we will share a powerful automation to complete this task in the blink of an eye.

Why do users think of moving OST files to Office 365?

β€’ Office 365 is accessible from any remote location, so it will become easy for users to access their account at anytime from anywhere.
β€’ Users can eliminate the Exchange Server downtime issues by importing OST to Office 365 mailboxes.
β€’ Moreover, the GUI of Office 365 is easy so that every user can work with it hassle-free.
β€’ Users can also access their Office 365 data from multiple devices including laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.
Such kind of reasons encourages users to import OST to Office 365 mailboxes. Now, we will move to the solution to complete this migration task effectively.

Limitations of the manual approach

Users can complete this task with the help of two methods, manual and professional. The manual method is not suitable for many users as it consist lengthy steps. Moreover, users can face various other issues in moving OST files to Office 365 using the manual method. Also, users need good technical knowledge to complete the migration of OST files to Office 365 mailboxes.

The manual method can affect the order of the folder and integrity of emails when users import OST to Office 365 mailboxes manually. Therefore, users should check out the professional third-party tool if they want to complete this task with an easygoing procedure.

The best way to migrate OST files to Office 365 mailboxes
No user wants to go through a time-consuming and challenging method. Therefore, it would be best for users to use the Shoviv OST to Office 365 Migration Tool for a seamless transition. This software takes care of the data originality and retains the order of the folder even after completing the migration task. It offers a filter option as well that users can use to select particular items from the OST file to migrate into Office 365.

The working of this software is easy, so anyone can import OST to Office 365 mailboxes. Moreover, users can use this tool to convert their OST files to PST, EML, MSG, HTML, vCal, etc. This software also allows users to move their OST files directly into the Live Exchange Server mailboxes.

Wrapping Up

This write-up has shared the limitations of the manual method and a professional third-party tool. Users can use the Shoviv third-party tool to import OST to Office 365 mailboxes in a simplified way. This software also offers its free demo version, which users can download in their system to check more details about this tool’s features.

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