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Constraints not satisfiable: Deployment Issue with Red Hat Service Mesh Operator

I encountered an issue while deploying the Red Hat Service Mesh Operator. Here's a quick fix for the error observed in the event logs indicating unsatisfiable constraints related to subscriptions and ClusterServiceVersions.

Event Log Error:

constraints not satisfiable: subscription devspaces requires @existing/openshift-operators//devspacesoperator.v3.12.0-0.1712003563.p, clusterserviceversion devspacesoperator.v3.12.0 exists and is not referenced by a subscription, @existing/openshift-operators//devspacesoperator.v3.12.0-0.1712003563.p and @existing/openshift-operators//devspacesoperator.v3.12.0 provide CheCluster (org.eclipse.che/v2), subscription devspaces exists
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This issue generally arises due to conflicts between Subscriptions and ClusterServiceVersions that introduce unsatisfiable requirements by the resolver.

I executed the following command to delete the conflicting operator pod, which helped resolve the issue:

POD=$(oc get pods -l app=catalog-operator -o NAME -n openshift-operator-lifecycle-manager)
oc -n openshift-operator-lifecycle-manager delete $POD
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pod "catalog-operator-66f68ccf6-sfbd6" deleted
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This should help in clearing up the subscription conflicts and allow for a successful deployment.

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