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Balkrishna Pandey
Balkrishna Pandey

Posted on

How to get detailed information on deployment and pods?

You can get detailed information on deployment using the following command:

kubectl describe deployments nginx

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This should return something like this:

Name:          nginx

Namespace:       default

CreationTimestamp:   Mon, 13 Jun 2022 08:22:55 -0600

Labels:         team=devteam

Annotations:      deployment.kubernetes.io/revision: 1

Selector:        app=frontend

Replicas:        3 desired | 3 updated | 3 total | 3 available | 0 unavailable

StrategyType:      RollingUpdate

MinReadySeconds:    0

RollingUpdateStrategy: 25% max unavailable, 25% max surge

Pod Template:

 Labels: app=frontend



  Image:    nginx:latest

  Port:     80/TCP

  Host Port:  0/TCP

  Environment: <none>

  Mounts:    <none>

 Volumes:    <none>


 Type      Status Reason

 ----      ------ ------

 Available   True  MinimumReplicasAvailable

 Progressing  True  NewReplicaSetAvailable

OldReplicaSets: <none>

NewReplicaSet:  nginx-776567f984 (3/3 replicas created)


 Type  Reason       Age  From          Message

 ----  ------       ---- ----          -------

 Normal ScalingReplicaSet 3m4s deployment-controller Scaled up replica set nginx-776567f984 to 3

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