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Simplified Process to Convert Excel Contacts into VCF Files

What is MS Excel?

The Microsoft Office suite, with its feature-rich spreadsheet tool Microsoft Excel, fundamentally altered work culture. Excel makes it very simple to manage your professional and personal relationships, and many people, both at the general and corporate levels, now use it as the standard practice.

Every electronic device in use today supports the vCard file format standard, which is typically used for electronic business cards. It's common practice to attach a vCard to emails. However, it can also be transferred in other ways, such as through instant messaging or the World Wide Web. vCard stores include phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, images, audio clips, logos, and store names and addresses.

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There are two ways we can export XLS to vcf format. There are two ways to go about it: manually and via a third-party, fully automated Excel to vCard Converter program. Starting with the manual approach.

Note: Please be patient as this is a lengthy procedure, and make sure you have a backup of the file.

Convert xls to vcf quickly and easily.

  • Get your Excel file open.
  • Next, select File and Save As.
  • Choose the place (such as a drive or your desktop) where you want to save the file.
  • Give your document the name you want when defining it in the File Name field.
  • Now choose CSV (Comma Delimited) from the Save as Type pull-down menu.
  • Press Save.
  • Click "yes" if you see any warnings concerning the.csv file format.

Add contacts to your system.

  • In the search bar, type "Contacts" after selecting "Start."
  • Next, you must select Contacts from the Programs menu.
  • Select CSV (Comma Separated Values) from the Import to Windows Contacts wizard and click the Import button after selecting the Import tab in the Contacts window.
  • You must now click the Browse option to view the *.csv file on your computer.
  • Choose the exact *.csv file you wish to import, then open it.
  • To carry out the next step, click the Next button.
  • The text field needs to be mapped to the matching contacts field at this point.
  • To verify the option, click OK.
  • Make a map of every field you wish to import.
  • When the mapping is done, click Finish.
  • Click Close to bring the import procedure to an end.

How to Convert XLS to VCF

  • To export all contacts to VCF, open the Contacts window and select all contacts. Next, select Export.
  • Click Export after choosing vCards (a folder containing.vcf files) in the Export Windows Contacts page.
  • Select the location where these contacts should be saved.
  • Alternatively, you can make a new folder and store the contacts there. To confirm your choice, click OK.
  • To complete the export procedure, click the Close button now.

Upon following the preceding instructions, your Excel files ought to be converted to vCard. Even if manual steps are a more cost-effective alternative, they take up valuable time. Furthermore, in the event that any steps are inadvertently bypassed, safe conversion is not guaranteed.

Automated Tool

This process is only effective in situations when there are a small number of contacts that need to be exported or converted to vCard. Still, it won't work as well if you have a lot of contacts. Then, you should think about using a reliable third-party application. In my test, the GainTools Excel to VCF Converter Software, which was created by people at their lab, proved to be an ideal tool. The cost utility is well worth it for the safe, quick, and efficient conversion.

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Ben anderson

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Danial John

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