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How Do I Take Out and Place Outlook Attachments in a Folder?

Do you need help Take Out and Place Outlook Attachments in a Folder? You're done searching if so. This post offers the simplest method for exporting attachments from Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and so on. Let's have a look at Outlook before we begin.

A lot of people use the Outlook email software. Emails are sent and received using this program when connected to the Internet. Users occasionally experience issues and want a way to remove files entirely from Microsoft Outlook. After that, they search for quick and efficient solutions that will benefit them.


Even after extensive study and analysis, some consumers are unable to find solutions that meet their demands or specifications. Therefore, in this instance, the comments below can provide search assistance. We will discuss some of the most significant topics here, including how users can remove Outlook attachments from folders without any issues. There won't be a data loss issue with the approach shown in the subsequent phases, which is another benefit. When exporting essential documents from Outlook, this is one of the most common difficulties raised by users who seek assistance.

The Reasons for the Need to Remove Outlook Attachments

  1. Due to large Outlook files (with large attachments), users can encounter various reasons.
  2. Huge Outlook files (with huge attachments) might cause users to experience a number of issues.
  3. An attachment file size issue can cause corruption or harm to Outlook data files.
  4. Outlook frequently has errors, which lowers productivity and efficiency.
  5. It is difficult for users to send and receive emails.
  6. Outlook can also abruptly stop working and shut down.

Two Ways to Extract Outlook Attachments to a Folder

Detailed instructions for the two best options are now provided. We have provided instructions and fixes to remove every attachment from Outlook. The user must select the approach that best fulfils their needs, though.

Method 1: How to Manually Download Outlook PST Attachments to a Folder

The most popular method for storing every attachment in Outlook is this one. The primary drawback of this method is that you will have to download each file individually from Outlook, even if you can use this procedure to remove all attachments from Outlook. Not all of Outlook's attachments can be downloaded. You have to select the aforementioned technique in order to use this advantage.

  • Turn on the machine and launch the Outlook mail application.
  • Open the email that you wish to remove the attachments from now.
  • From the drop-down menu, select "Save all attachments" when you right-click emails.
  • A new tab will open with all of the links. Select everything, then hit OK to proceed.
  • To download all email attachments, locate and choose a folder on the computer, then click OK.
  • To complete! You can remove every attachment from Outlook in this manner.

This is a bit of a convoluted procedure that needs to be repeated in order to download another file extension. You still have to use the gadget even if you don't want to. These two are the only options available if not.

Method 2: Utilizing VBA, Extract Microsoft Outlook Attachments to a Folder

  • To open VBA, launch Microsoft Outlook and press Alt + F11.

Don't forget to import the VBA macro to export the Outlook link to a folder by clicking the link below.

TechnicalNet Microsoft Office Gallery: Save Attachments from 5b6bf54b

Open the VBA editor and select File >> Import File >> Pick the mAttachmentSaver.bas file that has been saved. To extract the Outlook attachment into the folder, click Open.

  • Choose the email in Microsoft Outlook from which you wish to delete certain attachments.

To open and activate all macros when saving Outlook attachments to the default location, press Alt + F8.

  • Next, choose ExecuteSaving>>Run>>.Look through the folder and choose where to save the unique attachment.

Method 3: Automated Approach to Retrieve Outlook Attachments into a Folder

GainTools Outlook Attachment Extractor Tool is the ideal answer to the challenging task of manually extracting attachments from numerous Outlook files. By using this program, you can quickly solve any manual issues that arise when extracting PST files. The most recent software version offers more precise findings and improved performance. It can also extract attachments from OST files in addition to Outlook PST files.

Users can use this program to delete all attachments from all folders or just a few chosen folders. This program is used not only to remove email attachments but also to store all attachments from calendars, contacts, and other mail items. Additionally, the tool has personalized filters. This contains recommendations for names, sizes, dates, and filters, among other things!
Outlook PST email attachments are a terrific thing to download and save using this program. Users who have used the gadget have not reported any data loss or issues. It satisfies all user requirements for Outlook attachment extraction and was created by highly skilled professionals. The Windows operating system has easy access to this function.

An Easy Way to Get Outlook Attachments Out of a Folder

  1. Download and install the GainTools Outlook Extractor Application on your PC.
  2. The Outlook PST file can now be added by clicking the "Browse" option.
  3. To delete a person, file, email address, or calendar, choose it.
  4. Select where you want to save the files you just downloaded from the list of locations.
  5. Click "Process Now" to begin the removal process.

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Why Use GainTools Attachment Extractor for Outlook PST Files?

When deleting attachments from Outlook, there are several reasons to use this tool. These are only a few of them:

  • Most Accurate Conversion: This utility makes sure that every attachment from Outlook is extracted as accurately as possible.
  • Fast Conversion: The conversion procedure is provided by this application's programming. This program allows you to rapidly remove Outlook connections.
  • All Attachments in the Correct Folder: This utility stores the attachments from email folders in the appropriate folders. Take Inbox attachments in an Inbox document, for instance.
  • Unlimited Conversions: You can make as many modifications to this tool as you like, at any time.
  • Free Demo Download: To see the tool's outcomes, download the demo version for free.

Time to Recap

Outlook attachments should be unpacked into a folder, according to user requests. By following the preceding procedure, users can extract Outlook attachments to a folder with ease using this blog. Despite being free, this tutorial has certain drawbacks, such lengthy and challenging steps, etc. In order to quickly extract Outlook PST email attachments, we advise you to use the Outlook PST Attachment Extractor application.

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