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xPortal Super App by MetaversX, an Approach for Digital Financial Advancements with Web 3.0 & Metaverse!

MetaversX Labs has launched xPortal, a mobile application that works as a non-custodial digital wallet & global payments platform by utilizing blockchain technology. This app is an effective integration of Web 3.0 & metaverse that offers a futuristic perspective on how we interact with virtual objects.
Beniamin Mincu, the CEO of MultiversX Labs said, "The xPortal Super App is an instrumental step on our mission to build the backbone for a new digital financial system that spans across the physical and the metaverse world. Our ambition is that everyone, no matter where they are or what their background is, should have easy access to secure and efficient financial services that can help them achieve their goals and live their best lives. All this becomes available today."

Advantages of using this amazing initiative by MetaversX

The launch of xPortal can be called a remarkable step by MeltiversX that can revolutionize the current DeFi practices notably!
Sergiu Biris, the Head of Product of MultiversX Labs said, "xPortal's ability to make Web3 and the Metaverse accessible to any smartphone user in the world shifts the entire conversation around all-accessible digital experiences from a distant vision of the future into a reality today,"

Decentralized storage-

As a web 3.0 integration, xPortal uses decentralized storage that works for stronger data safety. Multiple servers are used in data storage & it’s extremely tough for anybody to tamper the data.

Real-time interaction-

Get engaging & optimized real-time communication using the xPortal Super App! Connect with your friends through text messages, voice chat & video calls in a very efficient manner.

Virtual world access-

xPortal allows you such natural & smooth virtual world access that is really unmatchable in today’s digital space! You can easily interact with digital objects & proceed accordingly in the app.

Transactional security-

Being a blockchain transactional implementation, xPortal maintains a supreme level of protection all along! Transactions are verified & recorded on the blockchain and are immutable & transparent.

Cryptocurrency exchange-

The cryptocurrency exchange in xPortal Super App is comparatively more effective & engaging than others! The prompt & secure crypto transactions are strongly praised by experts worldwide!

Immersive user benefits & experience-

xPortal gives you such an immersive user experience that you can’t find anywhere else! It offers a diverse range of excellent user-friendly personalized features that are enough to hold people!

Getting started with xPortal Super App

To start using this app, go to your application store & download it. It’s available in App Store & Play Store. Then click to ‘Create a new wallet’, use your phone number, complete the authentication procedure accordingly & set your PIN. While signing in, you can use a referral code if you have any, or proceed on your own. Now, you are all set to go!
There are specific instructions on how to navigate the app without any difficulties.
As a user, you can invite your friends to sign in for this app using your referral code & can earn commissions.

Some top-notch features of xPortal

During the launch announcement of the xPortal Super App, Beniamin Mincu tweeted, “T – 6 days. @xPortalApp marks a turning point. A Super App for digital finance, chat with friends, cool avatars, Web3 apps, and the Metaverse experiences. A new chapter for the @MultiversX & #EGLD realm is about to begin,”
Let's have a look at some of the mindblowing features of this MetaversX Labs-powered Super App.

Digital wallet-

xPortal Super App offers a fantastic digital wallet facility that makes transactions faster & easier! This web 3.0 & metaverse empowered wallet helps in funds transfer & managing & storing digital currencies more efficiently.

Social connections-

Exchanging NFTs & tokens becomes very easy with this app. Also, the in-app effective social connection is something very exciting in the digital financial aspects indeed! You can connect with your friends on the app, exchange shareable and go through the feed, and chat & share photos securely.

Recharge & bill payments-

No need to bother or wait while recharging your mobile! xPortal provides hassle-free recharging services for all major mobile network service providers. Also, use xPortal for bill payments for gas, electricity, cable tv, water, etc. You can set up reminders & auto-pay to ensure time-to-time payment always, without a single miss.


This app opens up the window of unlimited entertainment! The Super App allows you to listen to music, play games, watch movies, or live-stream tv. Moreover, in addition to entertainment, you can earn also by playing games or solving challenges in the app sections.


This app allows you to browse products, select & buy directly. This approach is really engaging for a wider audience base! Retailers are connected with this application & showcase their products here. There are also different discount offers & cashback that will surely grow your interest!


If you are planning a trip but getting trouble managing travel tickets & hotel booking, xPortal can help you with all these! It’s easy to book flights, search for hotels, browse the reviews & select at your convenience! xPortal allows you to get the best deals in a very safe & secure navigation!

Food ordering-

This brilliant innovation can surprise you in every possible way! xPortal is connected with popular food chains including different local kitchens & restaurants. You can see the menu details, place orders, and track the deliveries seamlessly using this app.


AI is here to create outstanding customized avatars that will surely blow your mind! Choose your character style, shapes & all, or simply take some selfies and let AI do the rest! Or, provide detailed instructions about how your desired avatar will look. Don’t worry, AI will come with stunning results!

ESTD token swapping-

eStandard Digital Token (ESTD) is a MultiversX blockchain platform token that provides secured decentralized trading facilities & a convenient way for users to manage their ESDT holdings efficiently. xPortal offers independent easy swapping of ESTD without any other involvements.


This feature is pretty much appealing, making a diverse audience interested! Users earn points by using in-app services and can redeem these as per their requirements.

Wrapping up

xPortal Super App has become highly popular & got millions of satisfied users in this short span! Its ability to democratize digital transactional experiences has opened the gateway to welcoming new opportunities with the perfect execution of Web 3.0 & metaverse! We hope that more optimized features & user-friendly aspects will be added in the near future to make xPortal more widespread!

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