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AI and Machine Learning: The Left and Right Hands of Future WordPress Websites

Since its inception in 2003, WordPress resonates with the true meaning of the word adaptation and evolution. While WordPress was first introduced as blogging software, it soon developed into a Content Management System (CMS).

The past decade saw the internet being flooded with websites. From selling apples as fruits to providing the most complex of services, everything had a website. What supported all this progress was WordPress.

Almost 40% of all websites today are believed to have been formed on a single CMS, WordPress! This speaks leaps and bounds about the grasp WordPress has over this industry, but that is perhaps old news now.

But what’s new in AI and Machine Learning models? In the recent past, mankind has started to fathom how massive an impact AI and Machine Learning models can have in our lives. Now imagine what happens when you integrate these technologies with a mammoth as big as WordPress. The results are sure to surprise you for you might not know the extent to which these two technological advancements can enhance a website’s overall performance.

In this blog, you will learn about:

  • The true capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models
  • How some of the existing industry giants are already using such technologies
  • Why you need to integrate AI and Machine Learning while building WordPress websites
  • Some of the most popular AI and ML plugins you can use while creating a website on WordPress

But before we deep-dive into any of these sections of the blog, let me first explain in the simplest of terms what Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are.

Artificial Intelligence is the one true dream of humans. It is an area of computer science whose focal point is to develop machines that can carry out tasks that would otherwise require the intelligence levels of humans. AI can carry out these tasks with the help of algorithms and models that allows these machines to execute human-like cognitive tasks such as problem-solving, reasoning, and decision-making.

Machine Learning, on the other hand, is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that trains computer systems using previous data and algorithms. The true motive of Machine Learning models is to improve the prediction accuracy of computer programs or systems while not being specifically programmed to do so.

We now have an idea of what these two technologies are that have stunned the human world off-late. Let us now understand how they managed to do this.

The true capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

If you want to understand the true capabilities, which are although unfathomable, of these two technologies, we need to first understand what these two do.

AI and Machine Learning models interpret, analyze, and generate bundles of data in seconds, something that would have taken us, humans, months to do! In the years to come, AI and ML are believed to improve every possible industry to some extent. Ranging from healthcare to transportation, and from education to manufacturing, technology is everywhere.

Let us take the example of the healthcare industry, where the stakes are as high as life and death. These technology models can save numerous lives thanks to the technological strides being taken today. In the near future, AI would be able to detect diseases, carry out personalized diagnoses and even prescribe treatment plans based on the patient’s characteristics.

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the limit is the sky.

Now how are these technologies helpful in building websites from WordPress?

Website design and user experience are understandably the two most important pillars of retaining customers on a website.

Now, as soon as you integrate Artificial Design Intelligence into WordPress website building, it can significantly reduce the time required in building the website. How?

The AI model can not only automate some of the basic designing tasks but can generate designs from scratch based on your preference and industry standards. Once the design is generated, it can be uniquely customized to align with the brand’s core values and aesthetics.

Moreover, as a user, do you like to browse websites that are overtly complex? I believe I speak for the crowd when I say the more user-friendly the website, the greater the time we spend on it. Artificial Design Intelligence generates unique customizable designs keeping in mind practices that make the website more user-friendly such as making website navigation as intuitive as possible.

All such functions can not only save time but also money.
These two technologies can do anything ranging from writing code for your website to bringing traffic, to devising attractive product descriptions.

How some of the existing industry giants are already using such technologies?

Let me guess, after you finish watching a series on Netflix, you spend a considerable period browsing through the never-ending content catalog on its website. Have you ever wondered how Netflix achieves such high customer retention?

No surprise though, it is AI and ML once again. The Machine Learning algorithms allow the Netflix website to recommend content, both movies, and series based on your likes, dislikes, and interests that it learned from your previously watched shows.

The Netflix recommendation system is arguably one of the best and most accurate in its field. Think of what can happen if a customer visits a website that sells contemporary home décor. A couple of weeks ago, the customer purchased a designer flower vase from here and is now recommending products such as mirrors and table accents, and candle holders, instead of sofas and relaxing chairs.
It is so because the machine learning programs running on the website analyze the interests of the particular customer and recommend products of similar taste so that the customer enjoys a tailored experience.

Have you noticed how the search bar suggests autofill when you visit any e-commerce website? This too happens due to AI as it can interpret your interests and suggest products accordingly, making the overall experience as seamless as possible.

Why do you need to integrate AI and Machine Learning while building WordPress websites?

Time is money. User Experience is what sells.

Whether it is the website of an industry-leading company or a small-scale business, the same principles apply to all.
While WordPress allows you to build websites from scratch or use design templates, AI models run on algorithms that understand which design works best for your brand type and target customer group. Whether your approach needs to be minimalistic or extravagant or subtle.

AI and Machine Learning models are effective at understanding the browsing habits and purchasing history of a customer. This helps them to come up with customized website content, design, and well-thought-out marketing strategies that would attract potential customers.

Also known as predictive analysis, this phenomenon allows website owners to offer their customers a personalized experience, all thanks to AI and Machine Learning models.
I hope by now you realize the importance of incorporating AI and ML models with your website so here are

Some of the most popular AI and ML plugins you can use while creating a website on WordPress:

  • Akismet
  • WordLift
  • AI Engine
  • Bertha AI
  • CodeWP
  • Link Whisper

To conclude, every new phenomenon or trend offers an early movers advantage to those who are proactive in their approach. The introduction of AI and Machine Learning models in WordPress website building is on the rise, grab the early available advantage!

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Balkrishna Pandey

Your words beautifully capture the essence of AI and ML, showcasing their ability to mimic human intelligence and improve prediction accuracy without explicit programming. It's truly awe-inspiring how these technologies can interpret and analyze vast amounts of data in mere seconds, revolutionizing industries across the board.

Thank you for sharing this insightful and thought-provoking piece with the public!