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Top AI tools for students that can boost their academics

With the latest AI boom, tech-savvy students can now find numerous AI-based tools that provide innovative ways to learn, interact, engage, and unlock new heights of academic success. From generating smart content to creating learning paths for individuals- AI will revolutionize how students leverage study aids. Today, we'll create a list of the top AI tools that bring an improvement in the overall learning experience for students.

Top AI tools for students


Almost all of this started when OpenAI introduced ChatGPT3 in November last year. This chatbot is by far one of the most helpful tools that can help students with research, projects, coding, and more. Students can leverage this tool to get simple answers to complex questions. They can use it to complete their homework, projects, and research papers by generating fresh and plagiarism-free content from this tool. They can also assist students in learning various programming languages and how to write code in them.

Stepwise Math

This one is my personal favorite since I always had a hard time understanding math, and this AI tool specifically caters to people like me. It will help you solve math problems by offering you proper guidance in every step and it will also help you prepare for test examinations. The tool is capable of solving numerous math problems including Algebra, Calculus, and more.

Ivy Quantum Chatbots

Ivy.ai is an artificial intelligence platform for educational institutions that helps in improving the student support process. In simple words, colleges and universities can leverage an intelligent chatbot that will assist students by answering all the questions they have. This AI is pre-trained on millions of questions asked by users and it only gathers data and facts from the educational institution's site. The best part about this AI is how it simplifies communications with its AI-powered features like QuantumMail, QuantumVoice, and QuantumSMS. These features help students interact with the AI through phone calls, SMSs, and emails.


Presentations do not need to be monotonous anymore, thanks to Slidesgo and its AI-based presentation maker. Students can now quickly make presentations, optimize them as per their requirements, and most importantly, they can choose from many visually appealing Google Slide themes and Powerpoint templates. It not only saves time but also helps students focus more on creating the content for the presentations. This AI tool also has the capability of suggesting themes based on the content of the presentation.


Grammarly is one of the best AI-powered writing assistants every student should use for their academic purposes. This tool is famous for correcting grammatical and structural errors among students and professionals alike. Students can use this tool while completing their projects, presentations, research papers, homework, etc. It also has an in-built plagiarism detector to make sure that the content is not only error-free but also plagiarism free.


Imagine if you could skip reading your notes and instead of stressing your eyes, you could just listen to them instead? Well, that's where Speechify comes in- it is a text-to-speech platform that helps students listen to their notes and study materials by converting written files into audio files. Students can turn their notes, chapters from textbooks, and other study materials into spoken words so they could listen to them while traveling or multitasking. This tool can make the whole learning process more efficient and also help students with visual impairments.


This one is a popular platform that offers a fun and interactive way to learn new languages. The app divides a language learning course into bite-sized lessons, quizzes, and challenges to help students learn easily. It offers a gamified user interface and a personalized teaching method to help students improve their linguistic skills.

Wrapping up

The education industry is evolving rapidly, and AI will play a huge role in revolutionizing the learning experience in the future. These tools will help students learn at their own pace and improve productivity and efficiency. It is safe to say that the future of academics looks promising with the advent of artificial intelligence.

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