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What Role Can AI and ChatGPT Play in Modern Marketing?

It's a hard pill to swallow, but the use of AI by multinational companies has doubled in the last four years. And with the advent of ChatGPT, brands, and entrepreneurs are now looking for innovative ways to leverage generative AI and make their businesses more efficient.

The marketing industry, especially the content creators, is concerned about how generative AI can hamper creativity and cost jobs globally. But the truth is, if you are best at what you do, no AI can ever replace you, but AI will definitely replace mediocrity. So instead of seeing AI as a villain who's here to take away our jobs, let's look at how it can make our job easy and help us become more productive.

What is Generative AI?

Generative Artificial Intelligence comes under the umbrella of AI, which is capable of learning from large datasets and generating content like text, images, audio, video, code, and more. The best part about this technology is it can understand data structures and underlying patterns and based on that, it can create new content that is not directly copied from the data it was trained on.

Some of the most popular generative AI tools, like ChatGPT by OpenAI, MidJourney, Google Bard, and MS Bing, are redefining the whole content creation process and making things easy for writers, graphic designers, and more.

How Can Marketers Use Generative AI & ChatGPT?

Brainstorming and content planning

Why do all the thinking by yourself when you can take help from AI? You can ask AI to generate ideas for social media content, blog posts, and other content marketing initiatives. All you have to do is provide ChatGPT with keywords related to the topic, and it'll suggest ideas and topics to work on.

Not just that, AI can also turn content planning (a tedious task for every marketer) into a piece of cake. No matter whether you're planning content for social media or your website, generative AI can help you with:

  • Picking an objective
  • Analyzing the Target audience
  • Suggesting content themes and topics
  • Suggesting content types to experiment with
  • Creating monthly content calendars
  • Generating audience engagement strategies
  • Researching industry-specific hashtags and keywords

Overcoming writer's block

Let's not lie blatantly, but we all have had days when we kept staring at the blank page and couldn't come up with anything to write about. But generative AI can solve that problem: all you have to do is share your thoughts, tone of voice, and keywords or topics with it. Generative AI will put something together that you can use as a prompt for your writing. Of course, do not use the exact thing- rewrite it in your own words, but tada- now you have a beginning.

Generating title for your content

We all want our pieces of content to do well on search engines no matter whether we are creating blogs, podcasts, ebooks, webinars, or youtube videos. So leveraging tools like ChatGPT to create titles or headlines for our pieces of content is not a bad idea- it also helps in saving time.

Building chatbots

ChatGPT has made it possible for marketers to engage with leads and convert them into customers. It can analyze a client's behavior and make personalized product recommendations. Overall, chatbots can really help in reducing the response time of customer support and improve the brand's relationship with the customers.

Content research

Needless to say that ChatGPT has a love-hate relationship with the content department of every brand across the globe. No matter how much few of them hate it- the truth is content marketers love ChatGPPT as it is a great resource for research. It provides relevant information on topics and also helps in identifying subtopics.

Keyword research

AI uses natural language processing to find out relevant keywords based on the brand or topic you provide. Using ChatGPT for keyword research can help brands streamline their targeting efforts and reach the right audience. It can also help brands create a marketing strategy setting new goals, budgets, KPIs, metrics, and more.

Wrapping it up

All marketers and content creators will agree that they have spent a huge part of their life staring at the blank canvas, well, that part of their life is now over. But this new technology can definitely make a marketer's life easier with generation content, keywords, strategy, and more. The technology is relatively so there's a lot of space for improvement. But just like wine, this technology will only get better with time.

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