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Explain Like I'm 5: What is Monolithic and Microservice application?

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Jeewan Gautam

A monolithic application is an application which is made up of one large codebase that includes all the application components such as frontend code, backend code and configuration files. In monolithic architecture one large code base performs the overall task of the application.

Microservices application is an application which is built on a microservices architecture where each part of the application split up into independent codebases that performs one specific task.

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Rahul Gautam

Monolithic is self-contained single built application where interfaces and codes are combined into a single application they have identical servers.

Microservice are independently built where components serves different application process. They are not dependent on same coding language.

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Prashant Pandey

Monolithic means all-in-one. In other words, a monolithic application is like a single big application source code where code exists for all of the functionality in one place. It is a traditional way of building applications. While In Microservice application application is split into small pieces called services. Each service has its own functionality. It is a modern way of building application. Maintaining and updating Microservice application are easier compared to Monolithic Application.

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Aavash Basnet

To make enterprise applications, you need three parts: a database, a front-end, and a server-side.

A monolithic application is one that is constructed as a single large unit. Server-side applications, front-end applications, background jobs, and any other type of application are all described in the same huge code base in a monolith. As a consequence of this, developers are required to create and deploy the entire stack simultaneously, even if there are only minimal modifications that need to be made in the application.

Instead of constructing a single, massive program, the purpose of a microservice application is to break down the application into a collection of more manageable sub-applications that are connected to one another. Each microservice can be thought of as a miniature application.

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Sanjog Pandey

A monolithic application is a single unified unit, deployed on a set of identical servers behind a load balancer. Simply, a monolithic application is a large codebase that includes all the application components, such as frontend, backend, and other configuration files.

A microservice application breaks it down into a collection of smaller independent units. These units will have multiple runtime instances and have their own logic, database, and other configuration files.