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How I Cross Posted medium blog to goglides DEV using RSS Feed

I have just ported over all my content from Medium.com to this new community website goglides DEV. Why? Well, a few reasons:

  1. I want to have more control over the format and type of content that gets published here. Medium is a great platform, but it's still limited by the fact that it was designed for short-form, blog-style writing. Most of what I've written on Medium has been more in-depth articles and tutorials, and I want to be able to continue writing that type of content without having to worry about whether or not it fits the Medium mold.

  2. I want to break away from Medium's "silent partner" model of content distribution and start building a real community around my work, specifically an online developer community (hence the name Goglides). I think that most people who write about programming already have a platform for their blog/announcement posts, so why not provide a place where people can have more focused discussions around specific topics? That's the goal, anyway.

  3. I want to follow markdown syntax to write blog. Since I love version controlling all of my task using git, I need a syntax that is easy to read in the raw text form and markdown fits the bill perfectly. Markdown is a popular lightweight markup language used for formatting content for the web, particularly blogs and forums. It is designed to be easy to read and write, with simple syntax rules that make it easy to format content quickly and easily. Some of the key features of markdown include basic formatting such as bold and italic text, headings, lists, and links. It also supports more advanced features such as code blocks and tables.
    If you're not familiar with markdown syntax, it can look a little strange at first. The key to understanding it is that everything is written in plain text, and the formatting is added automatically when the content is rendered by a markdown parser.

Following are the steps I used to import blog from medium.com. You can follow similar approach for any RSS feed. I have tried with wordpress, medium, dev.to, ghost. All RSS feed works perfectly.

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  • Once you saved the settings goglides start pulling data from your RSS feed and create a draft post.

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  • Which you can edit; most of the time, the format appears good, but there may be issues here and there that you can simply fix. Once everything looks good, you change published: true to publish it.

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  • Your published article looks like this.

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