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I just migrated all of my wordpress blog to goglides.dev using rss feed

I migrated all of my blogs from goglides.io (hosted WordPress blogs) to my newly opened community forum, goglides.dev. goglides.dev offers a beautiful feature that allows you to import all of your blogs via RSS feeds. You can import all of your content from your blogs to our community forum. If you don't know-how, check my previous articles in this series, where I migrated all of my blogs from medium.com.
This is useful for people who want to preserve their old blogs as part of their digital footprint.
My goal is to maintain only one forum in tech fields, so I decided to migrate all of my blogs from goglides.io. Luckily WordPress has RSS feed features; I am using this to import content from ".io" to ".dev."

RSS Feed Definition

Before we begin, for the readers who are unfamiliar with RSS,
RSS, or "Really Simple Syndication," is a feed format used to syndicate content on the Web. It allows publishers to provide their readers with a way to keep up-to-date with various websites' latest posts and updates. Subscribing to an RSS feed means that readers can get all of this information delivered directly to their RSS feeder (for example, Google Reader), which aggregates all feeds under one location. Not only that, but readers are kept up-to-date on information related to them because they can subscribe to just the topics that interest them rather than an entire website.

Subscribing to a Feed

To use RSS, users have to subscribe to feeds. Subscribing is done in a feed reader (such as Google Reader) using a link provided on the publisher's website. Many websites include a syndication link that readers can click, or they may give their readers instructions for subscribing manually.
For example, the New York Times includes an "RSS Feeds" link in its navigation bar, while Lifehacker provides step-by-step instructions for subscribing to its feed.
And for our goglides.io website, RSS feed URL is https://www.goglides.io/feed.

One issue I discovered is that the default WordPress RSS feed URL does not include links to all blogs. This is how I fixed it,

WordPress RSS Feed does not contain all posts.

You can control how many posts are shown on your RSS feed from the WordPress admin page. You can adjust this number by going to the Settings of your WordPress and looking for:
Copy and paste the following link directly to your browser; replace with your domain name.

Or you may also follow the breadcrumbs.
Admin area -> Settings -> Reading -> Syndication feeds show the most recent

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And voila, all of my contents are now available on goglides.dev. The process is pretty straightforward, and I hope this article helped you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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