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7 High Income AI Skills to Learn in 2023

  1. Video

Learn this top video AI tools.

muse ai - All-in-one video platform for the future of the web.

visla ai - Visla: All-in-one Video Storytelling.

topaz ai - Topaz Video AI focuses solely on completing a few video enhancement tasks really well

  1. Text

ChatGpt - is, "an artificial intelligence trained to assist with a variety of tasks.

Notion Ai - Have Notion AI summarize what's important and actionable.

  1. Image

midjourney - A text-to-image AI where your imagination is the only limit.

magic studio - Magic Studio helps you automatically edit and create images, using AI.

pebbley - Beautiful product photos in seconds.

  1. Design

viesus - Viesusβ„’ is the leading fully automatic image enhancement software, used on tens of millions of images each day.

galileo - Idea to design in an instant, powered by AI

  1. Coding

codegpt - The future of software development powered by AI.

bugasura - The Ultimate AI-Powered Bug Tracker.

replit ghostwriter - Meet Ghostwriter,

your partner in code.

  1. Audio

fineshare - Create & Share Your Inspiring Videos Anywhere

boomy ai - Unleash your creativity

Make music with Boomy AI

playlist ai - The best app for making playlists on Spotify and Apple Music.

  1. Productivity

briefly ai - BrieflyAI - AI meeting summaries, insights, and follow ups.

socra ai -socra: Crush Your Goals with AI

leexi ai - AI meetings. The conversational intelligence platform

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